In the Face of Chaos: Tools for Finding Peace🕊️☮️

October 16, 2023

In the Face of Chaos: Tools for Finding Peace🕊️☮️

Hello, Dear Yogis!

In these tumultuous times, we've gathered some wisdom to offer solace and strength. We hope you find these insights valuable.

Sending love and light,

The Treelance Yoga Family

1. What we are experiencing now is trauma - It is very important to take into account, for most of us - this is the first trauma of this magnitude, also for those who are already placed in a security situation, this is another dimension! As such - it creates a rupture in the internal system (this is the essence of trauma) and this is why most of us are now left speechless, unable to grasp, paralyzed, shocked, and helpless.
Trauma behaves like trauma and you can't currently convey reality to ourselves.
Her every expression, whether it's a flood of anxiety, feverish action, and a harness for help or a paralyzed shut-down at home, fear, and dysfunction - is normal in the midst of the great abnormal.

2. This is the time to be extra sensitive and not to blame, judgmental about the feelings and thoughts we have, expecting us to be different and comparisons to most people! The experience is personal. Everyone deals in their own way and to the best of their ability, the responses to trauma are mostly automatic, so compassion and tenderness are needed now.

3. The support protocol for such a comprehensive situation of trauma, shock, paralysis, or anger - very similar to the protocol of a broken bone:
Wrap and fix, take care of many resources and support, assist with patience, be protected.

4. The situation will take time and therefore there is a need to consolidate forces, especially if we have to support each other (family, children, patients). That is to make sure that we are in a full state of ourselves, as much as possible, to give. It is advisable to make sure that there are available and simple resources - food, rest as much as possible, positive belonging circles, going out to nature as much as possible. Garden work, playing, movement, creating, writing. It is important to create a drain into the nervous system of what is currently accumulating inside it - and therefore every expression of anger, fear, and the possibility of giving words to something that has no words is crucial. This is how we ensure that the trauma doesn't stay inside and it moves out.

5. This is the time to take help. Everyone can create for themselves a path of wellness and a gradual exit from the shock - some through making and recruiting, some through treatment, and some through sending good energy. In this context, this is not the time to feel "selfish", because we focus on well-being and the little things! We are guarding lives. In a non-breathable situation, we have nothing to give anyway, self-preservation here is the most effective right now for everyone else as well. It will be a long road, evaluate according to mental forces and arrange reality accordingly. And quit non-urgent tasks, if you feel overwhelmed, plan your day-to-day in small portions. What suffers delay will wait.

6. On the other hand, even if arranging the house and paperwork or switching summer-winter keeps you now regulated, go for it. These are important things, that bring back some sense of control in a sea of chaos. Don't underestimate the value! This is an important tactic to get stronger. Use music, comforting food, hugs, and a listening ear - preserving the infrastructure is crucial at this time for the function to continue.
Remember that every emotional expression will now be in high volume, because the charging is very high, so all relationships are highly challenged and bound to be watched. This is the time for forgiveness, flexibility, and a careful and attentive attitude.
The heart tissue is now very injured and will take time to recover. Protect her, don't force yourself to be stiff where it's not required. Where it is required - make a dot and return to softness.


7. Pay attention to your media consumption and presence on networks - it's also beneficial, unsettling, and anxiety-relieving, but it can also greatly overwhelm and exceed the capacity of inclusion. Pay close attention to what you are exposed to, what dosage and when. Stay away from what steals energy, which is very expensive anyway.

8. Trauma is a field that sucks and so we find ourselves unable to disconnect from the horror. The alarm system is very active and looping. This is a closed circle of horror. It's time to return to the simple and supportive actions we mentioned before. Show up a prayer. There is nothing to do with religion. This is a basic law - the forces of life support us even when the roots are uprooted and everything burns. Return to your soil and say a prayer to the wind. It will take a long healing time and they will connect. A voice of heart requests needs to be heard!

9. Allow despair to be, to fear, to frustration, to shake. It's a sign that we are human and fragile and it can't be otherwise.
This doesn't mean we don't have strength, but it's also allowed to break. Be awake to miracles around you and they are everywhere - brave people, rescue stories, the small things of everyday life that are not understood from them, our uprising in the morning, the chirping of a bird, the wind of autumn.

10. Examine your loneliness - sometimes it is necessary, to regulate breathing and distance from interaction and sometimes it is closure that does not allow support. Be alert to constant loneliness and ask to lean in! Remember to breathe. Mainly to blow out all the way!
It regulates the nervous system a lot. Generally, delaying a moment of breathing and a sigh of relief allows the day and the load to continue better. It takes less than a minute and there is no overdose.

11. Be good to yourself, take care of your head. This is a great, deep and deep sadness. Surround yourself with love.
Besides the weapon being fired, a casing of minimal good is an important weapon no less.

Share with anyone who could use this and together, with the heel of the thumb, we'll make the road from trauma to recovery. Sasha Khazanov.

Treelance Yoga

P.S. Feel free to share your thoughts on coping with trauma and what practices have been effective for you. Your words are a source of inspiration, and we're here to support you. Namaste!

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