Spring is here! 🌷

March 18, 2023

Spring is here! 🌷

Hey there Yogis!

The chill of the winter begins to fade and the warmth of summer starts to shine. Spring is here!

Spring to summer is a time of blossoming and unfolding. It is the height of the growing season, a fertile time, when whatever you unite your energy with will expand and grow.

Below, you’ll find an inspiring poem, a powerful asana and a moving South Korean drama film that we hope will help you connect more to Spring, which could make a real difference to how you feel in body and mind.


I. A poem by Robin Myers

There's nothing I like better
than to lie on my back in the grass

and remember where I came from.
I came from the grass, and I like to remember

what it has taught me:
be small, look up, distribuite yourself evenly

over the space you are given.
Love the damp earth. Love

the ants' tiny teeth. 

The green stain on a shirt. The worms.  

II. Tree Pose: Vrksasana

Spring to summer is a time of blossoming. Trees offer us the perfect way of connecting to the beauty that is blossoming during this season.

A classic standing posture, Vrksasana establishes strength and balance, and helps you feel centered, steady and grounded.

Vrksasana teaches you to simultaneously press down and feel rooted as you reach tall like the branches of a mighty tree. In this pose, you find a sense of groundedness through the strength of your standing leg. Bringing the sole of your opposite foot to your shin or thigh challenges your balance.

Continuously engage your ankles, legs, and core and notice what tiny movements your body might make to help you stay balanced

What makes this pose special is that it teaches you to explore your connection with your body. Maybe one day your lifted foot is positioned closer to your groin. Maybe another day, you leave your foot partially on the ground for balance. Be honest with your limits and learn to honor what your body needs on any given day.

Source: Yoga Journal 

How to do Tree Pose

III. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring | Movie 

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring is a luminous meditation on the wisdom of Buddhism and the cycles of human life as they are played out in the pristine beauty of the natural world.

It tells the story of a young monk as he comes of age in a quiet, secluded monastery, drifting on a serene lake in the mountains. Guided by an older teacher (Oh Yoeng-su), the boy (Kim Jong-ho) lives a simple life, filled with long walks, prayer, meditation and picking herbs for medicine.

It is not as idyllic as it seems, however. Human darkness finds its way into the narrative as well, as our capacity for cruelty and violence is confronted head-on by the film. 

Everyone who experiences this extraordinary film will savor the complex emotions that make life such an exquisite spiritual teacher.

Watch the trailer by clicking here.


We'll get back to you shortly Yogis! 



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March 22, 2023

Love this so much! Thank you for sharing

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