We are a Latina Woman-Owned Family business offering Yoga~Inspired apparel and accessories. 

Karina, the Founder, is a Yoga Teacher who applies the principles and spirit of Yoga to everything she gives life to.

We enjoy traveling the world, visiting remote places, and using our learnings to create products that make you feel empowered, motivated, and at peace.

All our creations are made with love and care, using super soft organic cotton, extra comfy for your Yoga, Dance, and Meditation Practice. Our designs are wholesome, finest quality, affordable, and practical for your Yoga and Meditation practice. 

We want Yogis to find premium, affordable products that encourage a fulfilling life, be mindful, and spread positive and powerful vibrations. We aspire to improve work/life balance by practicing Yoga, meditation, and all activities that relieve the stress of modern life while respecting each other and the environment. We do our best to bring originality to a world that’s becoming homogenized.